A modern reproduction of the original style radios fitted to classic VW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and other models.



  • Type 1 Beetle '53-'57 (oval window)
  • Type 2 Split Screen '55-'66


This style is available in 2 button colour options - black & ivory. Please select the colour you require.


As a modern reproduction, these head units come with smartphone control, Bluetooth and phone charging.


We tested the functionality and have the following notes to add:

  • the Bluetooth and phone charging works great and they puts out really decent sound quality
  • the FM works but it only has 5 preset bands - 87.5, 90.0, 98.8, 106.0 and 108
  • we have a local station on 106 which worked well, but if you have FM presets outside of this you’d have to stream a radio app if you wanted to listen to radio


There may be a way to change these presets, but we haven’t discovered it yet. We tend to stream Spotify all the time and this works perfectly too.

Blaupunkt Style Bluetooth Radio (A) in Black or Ivory

    • 45 W x 4 Peak Power
    • Power output 24 watts x 4 ch RMS