A modern reproduction of the original style radios fitted to classic VW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and other models.



  • Karmann Ghia Type 14
  • Type 2 Split Bus


As a modern reproduction, these head units come with smartphone control, Bluetooth and phone charging.


We tested the functionality and have the following notes to add:

  • the Bluetooth and phone charging works great and they puts out really decent sound quality
  • the FM works but it only has 5 preset bands - 87.5, 90.0, 98.8, 106.0 and 108
  • we have a local station on 106 which worked well, but if you have FM presets outside of this you’d have to stream a radio app if you wanted to listen to radio


There may be a way to change these presets, but we haven’t discovered it yet. We tend to stream Spotify all the time and this works perfectly too.

Sapphire 1 Style Bluetooth Radio_horizontal buttons (B)

  • 45 W x 4 Peak Power.

    Power output 24 watts x 4 ch RMS.